Tyson Food Ramps Up Hiring Process

Since 2023, Tyson Foods has laid off over 4,000 workers.

Most recently, 1,200 workers lost their jobs at an Iowa pork plant in the ninth closure since 2023. At least 4,000 American workers have been laid off by the company since 2023.

“While this decision was not easy, it emphasizes our focus to optimize the efficiency of our operations to best serve our customers,” a Tyson spokesperson said in a statement. “Iowa remains a key state for Tyson Foods, with employment of more than 9,000 team members across our other Iowa facilities.”

Six chicken plants and two case-ready meat processing plants have closed since 2023. The pork plant in Iowa, which closed in January 2024, became the ninth.

It is now being reported that Tyson is hiring thousands of “asylum seekers” in New York, offering them $16.50 an hour and free immigration lawyers.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Tyson plans on hiring another 42,000:

“We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them,” said Garrett Dolan, who leads Tyson’s efforts to eliminate employment barriers such as immigration status or the need for childcare.

During a segment on Fox News, Senator JD Vnce commented on the plan.

“Well, it shouldn’t be, Jesse. We’re certainly going to look into whether we can change that, assuming Tyson is operating legally – which we don’t even know if they are. We don’t know the details of this. All we know, Jesse, is that they are firing American workers and hiring illegal aliens to replace them. This is the entire point of illegal immigration and Republicans, we’ve got to hammer this point home. A reduces the wages of American workers by replacing American citizens with foreign laborers who are willing to work at slave wages. It has been the plan, as you said, from the beginning,” Vance said.

“And what this means is the eradication of the American dream. Every time an American is replaced with an illegal immigrant, it means that an American family loses a good family supporting wage. It means that American companies are literally replacing our own citizens with people who work for slave wages. That is not capitalism or a market economy, Jesse. That is the decimation of the American middle class via illegal immigration and it’s happening all over the country.”

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