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Schiff Answers Tough Questions About Comments During Hearing

We have a random act of journalism from CNN folks.

Jake Tapper took Schiff to task after attacking special counsel Robert Hur.

During the hearing Schiff went after Hur for not redacting the report made about Biden and claimed that he inserted his own “personal, prejudicial, subjective opinion.”

Hur pushed right back.

“Congressman, what you are suggesting is that I shape, sanitize, omit portions of my reasoning and explanations to the Attorney General for political reasons,” Hur told Schiff.

During an interview Tapper took Schiff to task.

“The basic argument you’re making is that by calling President Biden a sympathetic, well-meaning old man, elderly man with a poor memory — which is how [Hur] thought he would come across to a jury — that that’s political. But what part of that construct is inaccurate?” Tapper asked.

Schiff didn’t answer and instead claimed the report was subjective “generalized” and political in nature.

“This was deliberate. It was as if Hur decided, ‘There’s not enough evidence to prosecute him. So, I’m going to politically slime him instead,'” Schiff claimed.

Tapper pushed back using the testimony from the hearing:

What [Hur] would say is, “I had to explain why I wasn’t prosecuting him. … I’m not going to take this case before a jury because I don’t know that we could win it. This person is going to seem sympathetic or I can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt, etc.”

Part of what he said in his testimony today was that we thought [Biden] did things willfully, but President Biden explained things that he forgot or whatever, and we couldn’t necessarily impugn the claim of — that he just innocently forgot. We couldn’t do that. That was another thing that he said.

Schiff went into his typical rage mode claiming Hur was “calculated” and “deliberate” in attacking Biden.

“I just think that [Hur] felt like he had a special obligation to explain why he wasn’t going to prosecute somebody that he thought had actually broken the law,” Tapper concluded.

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