Dollar General Employee In Viral Video

Life is hard and the economy isn’t great. Some people are working as much as they can or two jobs to make ends meat.

Most would not choose to work at Dollar General, but many do because, “hey, it’s a paycheck,” and you need to put food on the table.

In Pflugerville, Texas one Dollar General handled a tough situation with wonderful reaction.

The video shows a feminine-sounding man accusing and yelling at a workering claiming that the employee “misgendered” him.

The look on the dudes face was perfection.

The guy’s facial expression said it all.

The employee had the patience of a saint even after the “trans-identifying” person began mocking him and saying he’s going to lose his job.

As of the writing of this point we don’t know who the employee is or if he will lose his job. However, if the company was smart they wouldn’t.

The incident is very simliar to an incident that involving Tommy Dorfman who had a role in a Netflix series. Video showed Dorfman freaking out on a Delta employee who wasn’t haven it.

“When you try to advocate for yourself at @delta and are met woth [SIC] even more transpbobia [SIC] and threats of being arrested at LaGuardia [SIC],” Dorfman said in the post, which included the video of part of the incident. “Tristan, the employee, said he was fine with me posting this. didn’t realize it was condescending to flag a human rights violation after another employee misgendered me incessantly.”

In the video the employee states that “it wasn’t intentional.”

Telling Dorfman “You’re being condescending. And if you want to continue, I’ll have Port Authority escort you out the building right this moment if you want to play that game with me. Which if you’d like to continue three days before Christmas, I really don’t mind.”

Dorfman later deleted the video after the backlash.

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