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Gaza Floating Pier Construction Begins

There has been a significant development coming from the Gaza Strip.

President Biden’s construction of a new port in Gaza has finally gotten underway. Recent satellite images indicate that the work, which began just over two weeks ago, has moved quickly and could be operational within the coming day.

However, things already appear to be going south. According to multiple reports, the site designed to rescue the starving people of Gaza was mortar attacked.

The port itself is set to feature three distinct zones. Israeli forces will control one area for initial aid drop-off, another for the transfer of this aid, and a third zone where Palestinian drivers will collect the aid for distribution. The drivers were contracted and cleared by the United Nations.

Due to the fact that the site has already come under attack, the Israeli military has proposed installing remote-controlled gun positions, a move opposed by the United Nations.

The American cargo ship USNS Benavidez is already positioned off the Gaza coast, loaded with essential equipment for constructing the pier. Other naval vessels designed to deliver supplies are also either in place or en route.

Ironically, it was also reported that when the site was attacked, high-ranking U.N. officials were visiting, forcing them to seek immediate shelter.

According to reports from i24 News, one person was injured, and the attack damaged several pieces of American engineering equipment.

According to i24 News:

Gazan terrorists fired mortar shells on Wednesday towards the construction work on the humanitarian pier being built off the coast of Gaza.

i24NEWS has learned that several pieces of American engineering equipment were damaged in the attack. In addition, one person was slightly injured while running to a protected area.

Not exactly a great start for the Biden administration who is hoping the pier will give him a boost.

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