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Online Debate Sparks Over Commuter Rail

It’s been a while, but you may remember activist David Hogg.

Hogg became a student activist following the terrible Valentine’s Day 2018 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida that took the lives of 17 people and wounded 17 more.

Since graduating High School, Hogg has become a gun control activist who is known for his hyperbolic rhetoric and hysteria and pretends like he is a know-it-all.

Recently, Hogg posted on social media that all “Men want one thing and it’s literally regional high speed rail with affordable, frequent and reliable local public transit connections and mixed use development around transit hubs.”

The shredding began…

“When you become a man, and that’s a really high bar for you, *then* you can speak of what men “want”. Until then, sit down kid,” one user wrote.

“This feels like satire. I’m a man. I drive my truck where I need to go,” another wrote.

One user said, “We invented motorcycles for a reason. Transportation and masculinity.”

I wonder how Mr. Hogg would feel when he discovered that the Amtrak project loses about $1 billion yearly and has never been profitable.

During a recent hearing, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) said, “Amtrak’s losses arise almost entirely from its National Network and long-distance routes. Rather than focusing on attracting riders to existing routes, Amtrak now seeks to expand this network, risking a greater expense to the taxpayer.”

Let’s not forget California, whose voters approved a $9.95 billion project to create an 800-mile high-speed rail system connecting LA, San Francisco, and the Central Valley to coastal citites. The train was supposed to travel at speeds up to 220 miles to ease traffic and facilitate commenting.

Fifteen years later, the California high-speed rail system is turning into a colossal infrastructure failure, highlighting the incompetence of big government.

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