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Biden Gives Comments During Cinco de Mayo Celebration At White House

Recently, President Biden’s team announced that they are going to use a new strategy to hone in on a new strategy.

President Biden and his team are changing how he communicates on the campaign trail. The strategy from his team is clear: it’s all about making every word count. Biden’s aides are focusing on delivering a sharper, more concise message. This less-is-more approach means we’ll be seeing the president less often in sprawling speeches and more in settings that highlight focused, impactful remarks.

In other words, they are trying to stop the Ron Burgundy moments we keep seeing.

TJ Ducklo, a senior adviser for communications with Biden’s campaign, shed some light on this strategy. He mentioned that there’s a strategic advantage to narrowing down the message to just a few key points that really resonate with voters. According to Ducklo, the idea is to whittle down Biden’s usual stump speech to its most dynamic core.

The problem is that Biden is struggling to read the teleprompter, and when he’s done speaking, the guy looks like a lost puppy.

For example, below is Biden reading his teleprompter:

Remember this is “quality.”

More “quality.”


What is he even saying?

When the speech was over Biden had no idea what to do next.

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