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Woman Posts Video Of Incident At Nordstrom

A woman has reported that a man allegedly tried to film her in a Nordstrom dressing room.

According to her own account, she held him in a headlock for almost 20 minutes until police arrived.

The woman who posted a video of herself explained that store staff were ordered to remove themselves from the situation and let the woman fend for herself.

Below is the caption that was posted with the video of her at Nordstrom:

This happened to me last night at @nordstromrack in Lakewood, CO. No thanks to Gender Neutral fitting rooms, this man was able to film me while trying on clothes. Sadly, Employees who tried to help were asked to “remove themselves from the situation”. I held this guy in a headlock against a wall for almost 20 minutes! Then was able to get him on the ground and sit on him while employees complied with their orders to back off. Police showed up. He was detained and I am pressing charges. He had a knife on him. I can’t imagine what all is on his phone or how many women he has violated. I’m shocked at bystanders (men) who filmed and took pictures but didn’t do a thing to help. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!! Men don’t belong in women’s fitting rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, women’s sports teams, etc!!!!!!!!!!

She can be heard saying, “This is why men don’t belong in women’s fitting rooms.”
You can watch the video below:

In another report of backward land, Phillipe Gagnon, a father of five, was with his wife, Diana Gagnon as they attended a dance party at the ritzy Albany Bahamas luxury resort.

While they were dancing, Diana felt someone allegedly grope her.

That someone is allegedly Spencer Charrington, 19, who was told by her husband to “get the f**k out of here,” followed by slapping (allegedly) Charrington twice when he refused to leave.

Spencer, whose father led Citibank’s private banking division and current senior executive partner at Albany’s parent company, was arrested but released without charges.

However, Phillipe Gagnon was arrested four days later for defending his wife’s honor and is facing up to a half a year in prison if found guilty.

“My husband will fight the charges because he did absolutely nothing wrong,” Diana Gagnon told the Mail. “I was subjected to a humiliating and frightening assault and he stepped in to ensure my safety.”

The couple also had their $90,000 per year membership suspended over the incident.

Diana is furious, claiming that two witnesses also gave statements about the incident.

“I feel it’s unfair that police only charged Phillipe since two witnesses to the [alleged] groping came to the police station and gave statements,” she said.

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