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Columbia Cancels Main Commencement

There has been an update out of Columbia following school officials requesting that NYPD disperse protestors on the campus.

Now, some students from Columbia’s law school have come up with new demands.

These tough protestors who engage in chants wishing for the end of Israel and America are claiming they are “shaken” by police in riot gear and can’t take finals.

They claim that all school finals should be canceled and students should be passed because they are traumatized due to the violence they witness by the NYPD. Nevermind the fact that a group of them engaged in a hostile takeover of a campus building.

A letter was written by the student editors at the Columbia Law Review following NYPD clearing the school of protestors:

“The violence we witnessed last night has irrevocably shaken many of us on the Review,” the editors whined.

“Videos have circulated of police clad in riot gear mocking and brutalizing our students. The events of last night left us, and many of our peers, unable to focus and highly emotional during this tumultuous time,” they added.

“We believe that canceling exams would be a proportionate response to the level of distress our peers have been feeling,” the editors said.

“In the alternative, making courses mandatory pass/fail would be the next most equitable solution.”

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