James Carville Gives Commentary On Recent Report

Democratic strategist James Carville has been doing a lot of YouTube videos giving analysis and during one episode he seemed frustrated.

According to reports (and Carville), President Biden has lost the support of young voters since the conflict in Israel broke out. The Democrat strategist ripped into young voters for not committing themselves to the Democrats, claiming that supporting Republicans would cause them to lose all of their rights.

Funny, I don’t remember Republicans supporting mandates, and if you didn’t follow it, you’d lose your job. 

“And then you tell these young people, if you don’t get involved right now in this election, they’re going to be involved in your life for the rest of your freaking life,” Carville ranted. “If Trump and Roberts and Alito and Gorsuch and Thomas and Leonard Leo and the Heritage Foundation, if they get a hold, there will be no government left, there will be no rights left, you will live under theocracy, you’ll end up with Christian nationalism. But that’s all right, you little fucking 26-year-old, you don’t feel like ‘the election’s important to me. They’re not addressing the issues that I care about.’”

He then blamed Democrats for failing to put together a good message to young people.

“So, my advice to tell these young people to get off your motherf***ing a$$ and go vote because you should vote like your entire future and the entire future of this United States depends on it because quite frankly, it does, and that’s not an exaggeration,” Carville added.

Did it strike Carville young people won’t vote Biden because their “entire future” depends on it?

“We have people saying, ‘I’m just not into this election, James.’ I think they’re both too old and they’re not speaking to the issues that address me,” Carville said later. “Oh, really? You’re full of shit. Go look at what’s going on around you.”


You can watch the clip below.

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