Biden Takes Questions Before Departing

As Biden was leaving the White House and headed to North Carolina, he stopped to speak with reporters, and it was interesting.

One reporter asked the President, “What do you make of these attacks between Iran and Pakistan?”

“Iran is not particularly well liked … I don’t know where that goes,” Biden said.

He doesn’t know where it goes? The entire region is teetering on war, and they don’t know yet.

Biden was also asked about the strikes that the United States and its allies have been carrying out against the Houthi rebels who continue to disrupt shipping lanes. The President said that the airstrikes have not stopped the rebels; however, they will continue.

Biden has faced immense pressure (even from people inside his administration) over his stance on Israel. A reporter asked, “Are you concerned with the Arab American votes going for you in the election because of Gaza? Many say they will not vote for you?”

Biden must have forgotten it’s not 2017 anymore because he used a talking point from that period to answer the questions.

You can tell by his tone that the question got under his skin.

Speaking of tone of voice listen to how the President reacts when he’s asked about the “March for Life” rally taking place in Washington DC.

Biden also added that he believes Trump’s Iowa win doesn’t mean anything claiming that turnout was low and there’s no enthusiasm.

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