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PA Passes ‘Taylor Swift Era’ Resolution

No, this is not a joke, and it’s ridiculous.

The Pennsylvania legislature has not passed a budget for the upcoming year; however, the Democrat-led legislature made sure to declare 2023 as the “Taylor Swift Era.”

Things got even more childish when the measure went up for debate.

On December 13, 2023, Democratic state Rep. Danielle Otten, sponsored the Swift resolution that passed 103 to 100.

House Speaker Joanna McClinton instroducded the resolution and Legislative cler Michelle Martin read the summary text stating, “A resolution recognizing the year 2023 as the Taylor Swift Era in Pennsylvania.”

Once the measure was introduced a lot of state representatives had a lot to say about the bill.

Otten, who sponsored the resolution told the Speaker she would turn in her comments in written form to save time. Then Republican Rep. Wend Fink spoke.

“Many of you know my stance on house resolutions,” Fink said. “[W]e do not need to be wasting taxpayer money on them.”

“Yesterday we spent about 15 minutes discussing why we should recognize 2023 as the ‘Taylor Swift Era’ in Pennsylvania,” Fink added. “We don’t even have a completed budget – which was due on June 30.”

Then things got childish.

“I urge no vote on this resolution and get back to actually governing,” Fink concluded.

McClinton responded to Fink’s comments saying, “For the member’s information, house resolutions are legislation.

“And apparently, ‘The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate,'” McClinton said, quoting one of Swift’s songs to the cheers of others in the room.

A whole slew of members criticized the resolution, including Republican Rep. Stephanie Borowicz.

“What a joke of the state house assembly of Pennsylvania,” Borowicz added. “The is the Democrat Party through. Idolizing Hollywood.”

However, McClinton cut off Borowicz because she made “disparagements” against other legislators.

When it was time for some Democratic legislators to speak, they, too, quoted words from Swift’s lyrics.

From the Post-Millennial:

Democratic Rep. Jessica Benham quoted Swift’s “Love Story” saying that the legislative body should “just say yes” to the resolution.

Rep. Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, a Democrat from Berks County, then took the floor to submit her comments with her notes.

Although while submitting her comments, Cepeda-Freytiz added, “I do want to say something though. I really love that we can have fun while we work, so thank you for that.”

Hey, you get what you vote for.

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