Tik Toks Clarifies New ‘Rule’ That Upset Users

You know, a person tried to get rid of Tik Tok, and now look what is happening.

Now, TikTok users are getting nervous over a frightening new rule.

The new mysterious rule is unacceptable and intrusive.

Reports have been surfacing about TikTok demanding iPhone passwords, and the reasons behind this are murky at best. Industry experts, including those from Dataconomy, are baffled. Even more troubling is TikTok’s past, where it was reportedly caught spying on journalists. This isn’t just about a bug; it’s about trust.

It’s important to note that this issue coincided with Apple releasing urgent security updates. These updates were meant to protect user data, yet here we have TikTok potentially compromising it.

While TikTok claims this was a bug related to a security update, their explanation leaves much to be desired. Let’s be real – asking for personal security data like passwords should never be a ‘bug.’ It’s a serious lapse in judgment and raises questions about the app’s respect for user privacy.

Dataconomy suggests this could have been a temporary security measure or tied to an app update. But let’s face it, even if this was meant to enable ‘restricted mode,’ the approach was flawed. Users should never be put in a position where they feel compelled to share their passwords.

Experts warn against sharing passwords with apps like TikTok, and I couldn’t agree more. If you encounter this prompt, there are workarounds. Updating your app or simply selecting ‘cancel’ might bypass this issue. Remember, protecting your personal data should always be a priority.

In light of recent concerns, including the FBI Director’s warnings about TikTok’s potential national security risks, this incident adds to the growing list of reasons to be cautious with the app. To bad the left swooped in and saved the app in the name of TDS.

TikTok has told the New York Post that the issue has been “resolved.”

“The iOS passcode prompt was a bug resulting from an update we’ve begun to introduce in the U.S. in partnership with our U.S. security partner,” explained the statement. “This issue impacted a small number of people, we’ve resolved it, and people won’t see the prompt going forward. The passcode is used by the iOS operating system to help verify user identity. Neither TikTok nor our U.S. security partner were able to collect or access people’s iOS passcodes.”

Ok, so is the issue a mistake? Or did they find a work around? And who is the “US security partner?”
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