Jon Stewart Returns & Immediately Creates Controversy

They say when it rains, it pours.

Well…for Biden…it’s coming down in sheets.

How bad is it?

When the liberal priest TV god better known as Jon Stewart returned to the airwaves, he roasted Biden.

Stewart played a montage of clips showing administration officials like Vice President Kamala Harris explaining just how smart and brilliant Biden is. After playing the montage, he joked, “Did anyone film that?”

He sarcastically continued mocking Biden’s team, saying, “If you’re telling us behind the scenes he is sharp and full of energy and on top of it and really in control and leading….you should film that. That would be good to show to people instead of a TikTok.”

The clip below is worth watching, it’s hilarious, remember this is the guy that millennials got their news from.

Notice the crowd’s reaction to what Stewart said. It’s really telling.

Of course, afterward, he mocked Trump, followed by mocking both candidates for being too old and out of touch.

You can imagine that leftists had a cow.

They only have a cow because it’s true…

It would be easy to pass the President bumping his head as a one-off; however, not long after he smacked his head, Biden got lost on stage and couldn’t figure out where to go.

Folks, this is an embarrassment.

Joe can’t walk up the stairs, he get out of a helicopter, and now he’s constantly getting lost on stage.


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