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Georgia Senator Comments On Looming Investigation

It turns out that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ (D) problems may be even worse than she thought.

Even though being under investigation for her relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade was bad, there appear to be more problems on the horizon for Willis.

There is a line of whistleblowers forming to testify about alleged misconduct conducted by Willis.

Just a real quick note, Atlanta is a Democrat-run town, and we are working for a Democrat DA.

It was State Senator Bill Cowsert who made the bombshell announcement while speaking with Fox 5 Atlanta.

From Fox 5:

As the meeting commenced, Cowsert dropped a bombshell, revealing that multiple whistleblowers within the Fulton County DA’s office have expressed eagerness to testify. They allege misuse of federal and state funds, further escalating the scrutiny surrounding Willis.

Attorneys for several of former President Donald Trump co-defendants are seeking Willis’s disqualification and the dismissal of charges, claiming financial benefits derived from her relationship with Wade.

“The people of Georgia are very troubled by these allegations. And it’s important that we have the public’s confidence in the fairness and in the impartiality of the criminal justice system,” Cowsert told reporters.

One whistleblower has already coming forward with audio claiming that she was fired after she pointed out to Willis that federal funds were being mismanged.

According to reports, Amanada Tmpson, an employee at the DA’s office whose job was to provide nonviolent juvenile offenders with “alternatives to the juvenile court system,” met with Willis to discuss how funds were being spent.

Timpson claims that aide, Michael Cuffee was planning to use part of a $488,000 federal grant for “swag,” computers, and travel. The money had been earmarked for the creation of a Center of Youth and Empowerment & Gang Prevention Center.

He wanted to do things with grants that were impossible, and I kept telling him, like, ‘We can’t do that,'” Timpson told Willis in a Nov. 19, 2021, meeting. “He told everybody … ‘We’re going to get MacBooks, we’re going to get swag, we’re going to use it for travel.’ I said, ‘You cannot do that, it’s a very, very specific grant.'”

“I respect that is your assessment,” Willis responded. “And I’m not saying that your assessment is wrong.”

Later in the conversation, Willis apologized to Timpson and said Cuffee had “failed” her administration.

About two months later, Willis terminated Timpson she filed a complaint. Willis said that the whistleblower was a “holdover from the prior administration” who was terminated because of her “failure to meet the standards of the new administration.”

It would appear that Willis has some ethical issues and people are lining up.

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