Jill Biden Gives Interview Comments On Biden

Recently, First Lady Jill Biden sat down for an interview on MSNBC, and she defended Hunter and Biden’s low approval rating.

When the First Lady was asked about Joe’s low approval ratings, she said that Joe works hard every day.

“He’s wise. He has wisdom,” Jill added.

Oh really? Was that before or after the (total sarcasm) organized withdrawal from Afghanistan?

When asked if Joe was too old for a second term, Jill said, “He can do it. And I see Joe every day. I see him out, traveling around this country. I see his vigor, I see his energy, I see his passion every, single day.”

Yes, we see the vigor of confusion when he gets lost on the stage every time he finishes giving remarks at a podium.

“I say his age is an asset,” she said.

“He is experienced. He knows every leader on the world stage. He’s lived history. He knows history,” Biden, 72, said.

“He’s thoughtful in his decisions,” she added.

Yup, he was so thoughtful he rushed to Ohio to visit those poor people in Ohio after the awful train derailment. Oh wait, he didn’t.

The First Lady also said that it’s cruel to hold poor Hunter Biden accountable for defying a congressional subpoena.

By the way notice the talking points: Pelosi also gave a star-studded performance.

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