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Danica Patrick Teases Controversial Interview

Former NACAR driver Danica Patrick recently took a lot of heat after she was seen attending a Turning Point UA conference.

Patrick wasn’t there to speak or hold an event, she was there just to attend.

“Y’all are losing your damn minds over my Turning Point post,” Patrick wrote on her Instagram story, according. “Here is where I stand with some current issues and politics.”

“I am not a liberal,” the former race car driver continued. “I am somewhere between Republican and independent. I think our country should be run by someone who knows business and has integrity. I believe we should be able to speak freely.”

Patrick has said that it’s “bullshit that Democrats can be proud but a Republican can’t in society.”

“I believe when people of different opinions speak face to face we realize we are more similar than different,” Patrick said. “I don’t believe everything anyone says.”

Well, she is about to get the left upset again, on her Instragram page she teased an interview she did with Tucker Carlson.

“[And] just like that…. I’m into politics,” Patrick posted to Instagram last Friday.

“I have steered clear of it because as an athlete and having sponsors, it was never my place or interest to be honest,” the NASCAR veteran stated. “But after talking to Tucker today it became more clear why I am interested.”

“People should be able to live their lives however they want to in my opinion, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else.”


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Her detractors calm that she is “disconnected from reality” now that she is at the least sounding very libertarian.
Despite the naysayers that have been very vocal many of her fans have applauded her for her stance and continue to support her.

It is not clear when her interview with Tucker will air.

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