Dems Make Talking Point Shift

President Joe Biden thought his administration was being cute using a catchphrase, but that has not backfired. As a matter of fact, the White House thought it would be a great idea to tour the country spouting the talking point.

Now Democrats are abandoning the catchphrase, calling it “ineffective” and “tone-deaf.” The phrase “Bidenonmics” is being dropped by Democrats like a hot rock.

The White House fashioned the term in an attempt to lift dismal approval ratings; however, the term is nowhere to be found in any of the House Democrats’ public releases.

Axios reported that House Democrats are rejecting the White House’s months-long campaign to sell Joe’s economic “achievements.”

From Axios:

House Democrats have rejected the White House’s months-long campaign to sell the term “Bidenomics.”

Democrats are going into the 2024 election divided on how to communicate about the economy at a time when most voters are dissatisfied with it.

House Democratic leadership stopped pushing the term months ago.

The term “Bidenomics” apparently seem to annoy a lot of Democrats.

More from Axios:

The term was seen as tone-deaf to voters still struggling economically and also invoked a president with lackluster polling numbers.

One Democratic strategist said the biggest problem wasn’t using “Biden,” but that the term was too philosophical and required too much explanation.

Actually, the biggest problem with the term “Bidenomics” or any other claim Democrats make about the economy goes up in flames when checking out at the grocery store.

But the controversy hasn’t upset Joe. During his recent trip to Colorado, he used the term again.

The term has Democrats nervous, especially after a recent NYT/Siena report showing that voters in battleground states trust former President Trump over Biden when it comes to the economy.

So, Democrats have decided that they are going to stick with “People Over Politics.”

Even that will fall flat because Americans will be reminded about how bad the economy is every time they purchase food and basic necessities.

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