Ronna McDaniel Responds To NH

After the results in New Hampshire, Republican primary candidate Nikki Haley seemed positive.

She may not be as positive now.

According to a report from CNBC, billionaire Reid Hoffman, who is a major Democrat donor, is no longer planning on giving her any more money.

From CNBC:

Billionaire Reid Hoffman is not planning to give any more money to Nikki Haley’s candidacy for president, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Hoffman, who has for years mainly financed causes in line with the Democratic Party, gave $250,000 to a pro-Haley super PAC last year, according to The New York Times. The person who told CNBC that Hoffman didn’t have immediate plans to help Haley again declined to be named in order to speak freely about the matter.

Hoffman, a co-founder of LinkedIn, wrote on his page in December that while he is a supporter of President Joe Biden, he believed that Haley had the best chance at beating former President Donald Trump in the Republican primary.


But that’s not the only person who gave Haley some bad news.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is asking that Haley get out of the race.

“I’m looking at the map and the path going forward, and I don’t see it for Nikki Haley,” she said on Fox News.

McDaniel added that she had a “great campaign,” but with only 10 months before the election, it was time to get behind who she felt was going to be the nominee.

However, it appears that Haley is going to stay in the race at least for the time being. According to the Washington Examiner her campaign released two new ads campaigns costing around $4 million.

“Nikki Haley took on the political elites when she ran for governor of South Carolina, and she’s ready to do the same thing again,” campaign spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas said in a statement. “South Carolina voters elected Nikki twice thanks to her conservative record of creating jobs, cutting taxes, and combating illegal immigration. They know that Nikki will always fight for them — not the D.C. establishment.”

But with McDaniel commenting and losing Hoffman there’s going to be a lot of pressure for her to drop out.

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