Governor Gives Update At Bridge Strike

In the early hours of a seemingly regular Tuesday, an unprecedented event unfolded as a massive freight ship, towering with containers, met a catastrophic fate while navigating away from Baltimore.

Just past the stroke of 1:30 a.m., the vessel, faced with a critical power malfunction, collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The impact was devastating. Large sections of this 1.6-mile steel giant succumbed to the force and fell into the Patapsco River below.

Rescuers launched a swift operation, battling against time and the elements to reach survivors. Two individuals were miraculously pulled from the chilling waters, with one requiring hospitalization. Yet, the urgency hung heavily in the air as efforts continued, seeking to account for those still missing.

In a briefing, Maryland’s Governor, Wes Moore, highlighted that construction workers halted traffic on the bridge following the distress signal from the ship. This decisive action, he noted, was nothing short of heroic, potentially saving numerous lives from being added to the toll of this accident. Six workers are still missing.

To cross the bridge, drivers must pay a toll, so when workers were notified of the mayday, they immediately shut down traffic, and that saved lives.

As the day unfolded, the closure of the Port of Baltimore loomed large over the United States. Recognized as a pivotal hub for the nation’s supply chain, particularly as the leading port for car shipments. The incident threatens to snarl supplies ranging from automobiles to coal, sugar, and more. The ripple effects are anticipated to be profound, being that shipping has been slowed in the Red Sea and the Panama Canal is dealing with a drought.

The vessel that caused the disaster, named the Dali, is managed by Synergy Marine Pte Ltd, and flagged by Singapore, had reportedly suffered a momentary propulsion failure. The video of the ship crashing into the bridge shows the vessel losing power and black smoke billowing from the top of the ship.
Below is a longer video than just the vessel striking the bridge; it shows what took place leading up to the strike.

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