NC Send Letter To Biden Admin After Incident

Recently, a harrowing event unfolded near Gates County, North Carolina, putting the local community on high alert.

The sequence of events began to unfold at around 6:40 pm when Gates County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to the Quick Stop convenience store, situated along US 13 South near Barfield Road. Reports of gunshots fired by a part-time employee outside the establishment had triggered a swift law enforcement response. Sheriff Ray Campbell detailed the initial encounter, describing how the deputies, alongside a Trooper from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, attempted to apprehend the suspect. The situation rapidly escalated as the individual, later identified as 32-year-old Awet Hagos tried to take a deputy’s gun.

It was also learned that Hagos overstayed on a non-immigrant visa, making him illegal; he’s also on the terror watchlist.

The confrontation forced Hagos to retreat to a small camper adjacent to the store, sparking the onset of the standoff.

After approximately four hour, Ahoskie Police deployed a drone equipped with an infrared camera, revealing Hagos’s attempt to stealthily exit the scene by crawling out from underneath a neighboring residence. That was when Hagos was taken into custody.

“At first we believed he was still inside the camper, but thanks to the Ahoskie Police, their drone, that has an infrared camera, spotted him attempting to crawl out from underneath a home next door,” Campbell said. “That allowed us to focus our attention there and we were able to get him to come out.”

“The best thing was that all the law enforcement officers on the scene were able to go home safe and sound and the suspect was apprehended safely,” Campbell added.

Now, community leaders and North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Mark Robinson want answers from the Biden administration, specifically how Hago got to North Carolina, why he is on the watch list, and why he was on the street.

“I called on President Biden to give immediate answers,” Robinson said during a press conference. “How did Hagos enter the United States? How did Hagos get to North Carolina? Did he travel by air, interstate, or rail? Are there other places that he’s been in our state that he’s traveled to or through, and should those areas be on alert?”

A week after the incident, the White House was asked about it, and they didn’t have a clue.


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