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Columbia Decides On Remote Learning For Rest Of The Year

Columbia University appears to be struggling to deal with the current crisis.

Now, the administration of a $ 70,000-a-year school is caving to leftists instead of putting an end to the protest.
The school had decided that classes for the rest of the school year would be remote.

“It’s vital that teaching and learning continue during this time. We recognize conditions vary across our campuses and thus are issuing the following guidelines,” the school said while making the announcement.

“Safety is our highest priority as we strive to support our students’ learning and all the required academic operations,” provost Angela Olinto wrote.

Many on campus are furious.

Junior Michael D’Agostino, 22, is not happy especially because of “he amount we pay to be at this school to learn from these amazing faculties and professors.”

“I’m studying applied physics and applied math and those are classes I really benefit from being in-person. I went through COVID  and all that when we were online for about a year and it really disrupted our education,” he added.

“I really think it’s disheartening to see how our education is being punished as a result of this,” he said of the school’s response to the protests. “I think it’s really sad.”

Former White House press secretary ripped the school decision calling the school’s leaders “weak.”

“It’s terrible how weak the school’s leaders – and especially its faculty – are,” Fleischer wrote on X. “The school should be fully open (no remote classes) and students who disrupt other students should be expelled.”

Faculty also appear to be taking part in the protest.

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