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New York Judge Dismisses Alvin Bragg Case

According to a news report, a New Jersey stripper was behind a phony credential scheme.

Many remember the stress and protests surrounding the mandates that came out of 2020, and New York had a very strict one.

Jasmine Clifford, a New Jersey stripper, allegedly sold approximately 100 fake vaccine cards.

From the New York Post:

Clifford would charge each anti-vaxxer who wanted a card about $200 and accepted payment through Zelle or CashApp, according to the DA.

For an extra $250, customers could also get their name entered into the New York State Immunization Information System, prosecutors said.

Nadayza Barkley, 27, worked at a medical clinic in Patchogue, and she would enter the names of the customers.

Of the 100 that bought fake vaccination cards, Bragg charged 16 people with criminal possession of a forged instrument. Fourteen of those charged plead guilty to a misdemeanor, but two people only identified as J.O. and R.V. moved to have their charges dismissed.

According to reports, J.O. is a nursing student, and R.V. is an employee with the City Department of Environmental Protection.

The two took their case to the New York Supreme Court, and the judge bashed Bragg for charging them, saying the DA “cherry-picked” whom to prosecute.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Brandon T. Lantry noted that under Bragg’s leadership, his office has “routinely — nearly daily — move[s] to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments.”

Lantry dismissed the charges against the two.

In response to the ruling, City Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli supported the judge’s decision.

“This is what Alvin Bragg is — a clown,” Borelli told The Post. “Imagine prosecuting a scared woman for this, even though she didn’t even use the fake card, while at the same time letting violent perps go. I’m glad the judge called him out for the world to see.”

Recently, Bragg has come under more controversy over how he handled the attack on a pair of police officers in Time Square.


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