CNN Scraps And Revamps Show

It was meant to be a featured show, and now it’s been scrapped.

When it began, it was headlined by Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins.

However, it quickly fell into scandal when Lemon and Collins were not getting along. According to reports, Lemon was yelling at Collins and made her cry, which eventually led to Lemon being fired by the network.

CNN has said that the TV show isn’t being canceled but is being totally revamped with a new host and a shorter time slot.

The news network is also moving things out of New York.

“These changes mean that we will no longer produce morning programming in New York and will be disbanding the team that currently produces CNN This Morning in that city,” CNN chief Mark Thompson wrote. “Our New York-based primetime and weekend programming will continue.”

Thompson also told the 50-person production team to reapply for the “many new open roles that we are making available this week in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., along with a number of other open roles in New York in other programming blocks.”

Since Lemon was fired, CNN gave Collins her own primetime show as the network seems to want to build around her. However, cowboy rerun free TV cable networks are beating them in the ratings, and the network is a joke.

CNN host Kaitlan Collins rose to stardom working for the Tucker Carlson-owned site The Daily Caller, covering former President Trump during the primary 2016 race.

The Daily Caller awarded her the position of White House correspondent in 2017 only to be poached by CNN when she got to DC.

“I thought it was really nice that I was this reporter for a conservative-leaning website and I could go on CNN, and the question was not for me to explain Trump’s actions but it was, ‘What’s your reporting?’ ” she recalled.

Once she went to CNN, she exhibited the same behavior as Jim Acosta and even got herself barred from a news conference. Collins joined the ranks of people like Chris Matthews who came up through the conservative ranks only to move to the left. Chris Matthews used to be a guest host of the Rush Limbaugh show.
Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would clash with Collins often. Below is a clip of one of my favorites that should go on McEnany’s highlight reel on how to deal with the press (activists):



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