TikTok Bans ‘Toxic’ Trend

That’s right, folks, if you are a woman and want to post about leggings, you are going to be unable to. If you go on the website and search the posts, you will see a warning label.

Below is what you’ll see:

What caused the stir?

Good-looking women were stating that there is a certain way of leggings, which made some people on TikTok upset. So naturally, we ban things.

From the New York Post:

TikTok has cracked down on a “toxic” new trend after mass backlash from users over its perpetuation of unrealistic and damaging body standards.

Hashtagged “legging legs,” it consists of young girls declaring they don’t have legs that look “good” in a pair of athletic tights.

The trend, which first became popular late last year, perpetuates the idea that one singular body type and look is ideal – misinforming and potentially harming impressionable and vulnerable young minds.

Multiple publications overseas report the social media platform has now banned the hashtag, so that users who attempt to find videos of it are now shown information about disordered eating instead.

Therapist Holly Essler called it “repulsing.”

“Basically it’s a trend saying that if you have leggings and you wear leggings, your legs have to look a certain way in them,” she said in a video.

“Again, this is disgusting. Do not let social media tell your body that it is a trend. If you have a body and you have leggings, you have legging legs.”

“Do we understand that there are 15-year-old girls that wear leggings every single day that now feel that they cannot wear leggings because they don’t have legging legs … the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” she said.

There’s a lot of stupidity going on.

I’m saying this as a person who practices what they preach. 

Get your 15-year-old kid off social media.

We took heat for it and had arguments, but we didn’t even start the social media thing with our oldest until they were 17.

The fact that a social media company has to put a ban because parents don’t parent is incredible, and it’s no wonder the left is coming for parental rights. If you don’t exercise and use your right, you lose them.

What happened to Haley Cavinder, 23, one-half of the social media sensations of the Cavinder twins, is a great example. She recently opened up about having a “mental breakdown” over negative comments she received online about her relationship with Cowboys player Jake Ferguson.


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A post shared by Haley Cavinder (@haleycavinder)

Keep in mind Haley and her sister have made millions off their looks online and are college stars.

What broke her down?

People were calling her ugly.

Cavinder revealed the troubling response from online trolls, which she discovered while shopping with her Mom and sister. That’s when she “started looking at the comments about my face.”

“I’m a confident girl, but when people are saying stuff about you — if you have a boyfriend and someone is talking about you online with your boyfriend … like coming at your features. I’m like, ‘This is new,’” she said.

“And, obviously, Jake is a great guy, but you don’t want to be called ugly on the internet 24/7 and your boyfriend sees it. That’s not going to make anyone feel cool,” Cavinder added. “So, I had a mental breakdown.”

The fact that Haley would have a mental breakdown over idiots on a keyboard is part of the problem. She is 23, and if comments are bothering her that much, she either needs to stop reading them or get off social media.

Social media is toxic; banning isn’t the solution, but parenting is.

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