Post Travis Kelce ‘Liked’ Raises Eyebrows

Well, Travis Kelce, NFL star tight end has once again found himself in the news or a social media post.

Kelce, the Super Bowl star and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, is causing some controversy after he dared “like” a social media post.

ESPN reporter Sage Steele posted a photo with the caption, “After years of covering @UFC at ESPN, I FINALLY got to see it live and in person. It’s a game changer. THANK YOU @danawhite for EVERYTHING! Great event, great fights!”

The image was her with former President Trump who was also attending the UFC 299 event. She also wrote, “(cue the divisive, close-minded through and unfollow in 3..2…1)” knowing the image of her and Trump would spark debate.

So what’s the big deal?

Travis Kelce, the boyfriend of Taylor Swift, whom Biden so desperately wants to endorse, “liked” the post. Yes…can you imagine (sarcasm)?

And there was a backlash; libs on Reddit were mad.

“The sighed I just sighed. Unsurprising given how travis seems but still disappointing,” one user wrote.


Another said, “I thought his only saving grace was that he wasn’t a conservative? Lol like he’s Pfeizer boy I’m so confused.”

One user wrote, “Actually the full picture also has Candace Owen there. Truly interesting to say the least that he likes this but not Taylor’s posts on Instagram.”

Fans started getting mad at Swift as well.

“Taylor really ripped the rose colored lenses off my face this past year. You are a representative of the company you keep & between THIS & her unapologetic association Jackson Mahomes, Joe really dodged a bullet. His support for Gaza despite running the risk of so easily being blacklisted in Hollywood vs her consistently turning the other cheek despite being very aware of what’s going on tells me everything I need to know about her,” a fan said in response to the photo.


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