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Biden Responds To Arizona Court Ruling

President Biden has had quite a week.

He held a press conference and hosted the Japanese Prime Minister.

However, during the week, Biden was a gaffe machine.

On April 10, 2024, during a press conference at the White House, President Biden made a direct appeal to Arizona voters. The occasion was a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, but it took a domestic turn when Biden was asked about a major development in Arizona’s legal landscape concerning abortion.

Arizona has made headlines with a recent Supreme Court ruling that significantly restricts abortion access in the state. The ruling essentially revives a 160-year-old law, dating back to when Arizona was not yet a state but a U.S. territory. This old law, introduced way back in 1843, now comes back to life, outlawing abortions in almost all situations except when the mother’s life is in danger.

President Biden, in response to this, had a moment where he misspoke, saying, “Elect me, I’m in the 20th century,” before quickly correcting himself to emphasize the 21st century, pointing out that the laws being revisited are from a time when Arizona wasn’t even a state.

The law in question makes it a felony to provide or administer any means of procuring a miscarriage unless it’s necessary to save the woman’s life. The potential consequences? A prison sentence between two and five years. Although this law was never officially removed, its enforcement was halted until now. Following Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision, this law is deemed “now enforceable” and set to go into effect in 14 days.

But that wasn’t the only gaffe the President made this week.

During a state dinner, he couldn’t even handle doing a toast without his trusty cards.

Despite having preorder questions Biden seeming frustrated snapped at reporters.

He read what he was supposed to say word for word from his cheat sheet.

Then the Biden shuffle started with hi being led around the lawn.

Meanwhile what how Trump does an impromptu press gaggle.

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