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Cori Bush Comments After Allegations Of Being Under Investigation

Hello, dear readers. Today, we delve into a story that’s been creating ripples across the political landscape. Another story of corruption, subpoenas, allegations, and an ongoing investigation that’s capturing the attention of many.

A Subpoena on the House Floor

In a recent and significant development, a message was read out to Speaker Mike Johnson by a House clerk. This wasn’t just any message; it was about Sergeant of Arms William McFarland receiving a grand jury subpoena for documents from the Justice Department. The intrigue? McFarland has agreed to comply.

The Heart of the Investigation

At the core of this unfolding story is Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., a member of the so-called Squad. According to sources speaking with Fox News, the Justice Department is investigating allegations that government funds meant for her security were misused. It’s a claim that has sparked numerous discussions and speculation.

The Allegations and the Probe

The allegations suggest there’s been improper spending of federal security money. The gravity of these allegations came to the forefront when the subpoena announcement was made this Monday on the House floor, with sources linking it to the investigation into Bush. However, in such scenarios, direct comments from the involved parties are crucial for clarity. At this stage, the Justice Department has declined to comment, and Bush’s office hasn’t responded to inquiries from Fox News.

A Twist in the Tale

Adding a complex twist to the narrative, Bush’s husband and former security guard, Cortney Merritts, whom she married in February 2023, reportedly received over $100,000 since being added to Bush’s campaign payroll in January 2022. These payments, initially listed as “security” expenses, were later categorized as “wage expenses” in April, as reported by Fox News Digital.

The Watchdog’s Intervention

In March 2023, the watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) stepped into the fray. They filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, seeking an investigation into whether Bush used campaign funds for personal use. This complaint specifically mentions a $60,000 payment in 2022 for security services to Merritts.

Kendra Arnold, the executive director of FACT, expressed concerns in the complaint. She questions whether the payments were for services that were either unnecessary or above fair market value, given Bush’s personal relationship with Merritts. These payments, if proved to be as alleged, might fall into the category of either impermissible payments to a family member or an impermissible gift.

A reporter did catch up with her and asked about the allegations.

Bush refused to comment because her tooth hurt.

After her little toothache, Bush did respond, and…well…you know who she blamed.

How dare organizations keep her accountable (sarcasm).


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