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Megyn Kelly Responds To Viral Interview

Megyn Kelly recently commented on an interview on MSNBC setting the internet on fire – Rachel Maddow’s interview with E. Jean Carroll and her lawyers. This isn’t just any interview; it’s one that’s going viral for all the wrong reasons and Democrats aren’t even defending it.

Let’s set the stage: MSNBC host Rachel Maddow sat down with E. Jean Carroll, who recently won an $83.3 million judgment against former President Donald Trump. But instead of a straightforward interview, what unfolded was classless and unprofessional.

During the interview Carrol likened former President Trump to a walrus and a rhino, emphasizing his supposed lack of presence during their encounters. Her words painted a picture of Trump that was far from flattering, to say the least.

But the real bombshell dropped when Maddow shifted the conversation to the $83.3 million Carroll is set to receive. You could almost feel the tension rise as Carroll’s lawyers appeared visibly nervous about where this was heading. Maddow asked, “What are you planning to do with all that money? How will you use it to support women’s rights?” Carroll’s response? Well, let’s just say it was less about women’s rights and more about an extravagant shopping spree.

She excitedly talked about going shopping with Maddow, buying everything from new wardrobes to motorcycles, even offering Maddow a penthouse in France. It was a moment of pure, unfiltered joy for Carroll, but her lawyers were quick to jump in, clarifying that it was all a joke.

This outburst, which Carroll cackled through, drew comparisons to Vice President Kamala Harris’s infamous laugh. It was a moment that seemed to encapsulate the entire interview: unexpected, a bit over the top, and definitely controversial.

To add another layer to this already intriguing story, Carroll mentioned that her case against Trump was bankrolled by a Democrat donor. She even hinted at the possibility of going back for more.

“This is the kind of clip that could win Trump the election,” Kelly wrote on her X social media account.

She’s right it looked really bad. Normally, people on the left would condemn any critisim of the interview claiming that the right is harassing a victim. Crickets folks, nobody is talking about the interview, it was a bad a look.

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