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Local Mom Gets Big Win

There’s been a major shake-up in North Carolina’s educational landscape following the recent Republican primary for the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

In an unexpected turn of events, Catherine Truitt, the incumbent Superintendent, was defeated by Michele Morrow, a figure who has quickly risen to prominence with her staunch criticism of what she perceives as public schools’ “radical agendas” on race and gender ideology. Morrow, who brings a unique background as a nurse, former Christian missionary, and a home-schooling parent, secured a surprising victory with 52% of the vote, leaving Truitt trailing at 48%.

This outcome is particularly notable considering Truitt’s had a huge war chest and the backing she received from the GOP establishment. However, Morrow’s campaign, which resonated with rural education leaders and echoed former President Trump’s rhetoric, claimed victory by positioning herself as a true conservative force against Truitt’s policies.

Morrow’s critique extended beyond ideological disagreements; she targeted Truitt’s stance on the “Parents’ Bill of Rights” and the persistent low proficiency rates in reading and math under Truitt’s tenure. Throughout her campaign, Morrow emphasized a shift back to traditional scholastics, distancing from diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and pledged to make schools the “safest buildings in our state.”

It’s fascinating to see how Morrow, despite her campaign’s financial underdog status, managed to mobilize support. With just $8,000 raised, compared to Truitt’s campaign which amassed over $150,000, Morrow’s victory sends a clear message about the power of grassroots movements and the appeal of her educational philosophy to a significant portion of voters.

Catherine Truitt, on the other hand, expressed pride in her accomplishments and gratitude towards her supporters. Despite the loss, her commitment to North Carolina’s education system remains undiminished, showcasing the professional grace one hopes to see in the aftermath of a hard-fought campaign.

Morrow’s win sets the stage for an intriguing matchup against Democrat Maurice “Mo” Green, a seasoned education professional with a commanding primary win under his belt. Green’s background as a former schools superintendent and head of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation paints him as a formidable opponent, bringing a wealth of experience to the race.


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