Obama & Bill Clinton Expected At Event

At the very least, there isn’t a lot of motivation out there for the Biden administration.

That is not difficult to understand, considering the fact that Joe’s staff continues to gaslight the American people.

Every time Americans go to the grocery store, they are reminded of how expensive things are, and lately, there’s been a lot of layoffs.

Just an example: watch how the White House tries to explain everything.

There’s been a lot of polls showing that Biden’s approval rating is low, and another shock poll came out of Wisconsin.

GOP analyst and pollster Ryan James Girdusky isn’t a sugarcoating kind of guy. He warned about the 2022 midterms before the debacle took place and his analysis is usually outstanding. He took heat in 2022 when he warned people about some of Trump’s picks during the midterms and was ghosted by the DeSantis campaign when he called them out for doing a terrible job. During the Trump administration, he founded a group to help flip local school boards red, and it has been very successful.

In other words, Girdusky is a straight shooter, and he tells it the way he sees it, which is why a poll he commented on is a big deal.

A Wisconsin poll showed Trump plus two, and Girdusky said the former President looks strong.

Not long ago, a former Obama official warned the Biden team to get with it.

“The president and his campaign need to get into gear and they need a message. And they need a message that takes in not just democracy but the day-to-day concerns that people have,” former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod said last month. “It’s going to be Biden versus Trump. And so, begin to draw those parallels not just on democracy, but on issues that are important day-to-day in people’s lives.”

Despite the warning, Joe’s approval rating has not improved much, if at all.

So what are they doing?

On March 28th, former President Barack Obama will attend a fundraiser for President Biden. According to a report, former Presiden Bill Clinton will be in attendance as well.

Folks, they are bringing out the big guns, and it’s only March.

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