Biden Gives Remarks On 1/6

Recently, President Joe Biden traveled to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to give his yearly angry speech about 1/6.

To start his speech, First Lady Biden had to help him to the podium.

Biden complained about Trump’s rhetoric and almost lost his composure.

Biden warned that Trump’s campaign was “about him” not “America.” Biden has historic disapproval ratings, and when it’s just him and Trump in a poll, many have Joe losing.

During the speech, Biden bragged about the number of people that his administration has arrested and also bragged about how the amount of time collectively those arrested had been sentenced to.

Then Biden, who is in court to retain their right to cooperate with social media companies to censor Americans, said that, democracy means the freedom to speak your mind.”

Whatever Biden usually says he does the opposite and that was pretty apparent as the speech went on.


As the speech came to an end, First Lady Jill Biden escorted him off the stage so he didn’t get lost again. Biden then yelled into the microphone, “I understand power,” and smiled. You may not like it, but that may be the most honest thing he’s said since taking office. He’s not wrong. His administration, through NGOs and administration agencies, censored Americans. Since taking office, Biden has wielded power well. His top political opponent is being kicked off the ballot and is facing multiple indictments. Nobody has been able to stop his border policy and his administration’s war on home appliances.  Here’s another example: Elon Musk bought Twitter and began un-censoring Americans. Musk and several of his companies are now under investigation by multiple federal agencies.


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