‘Spaceballs’ Two Hinted For Sequel

Except for a couple of huge blockbusters, Hollywood has struggled to put out any good movies.

Between film studios destroying “Mad Max,” ruining “Star Wars,” and wrecking “Indiana Jones,” it’s been a rough run. Not to mention, Hollywood is back to rehashing old franchises because they have no ability to innovate.

So now, looking for a desperate win, they want to make a sequel to the 1987 hit parody “Spaceballs.”

Considering that this has already been tried and failed, things aren’t looking great.

The famed 1987 parody “Spaceballs”, a playful jab at the legendary “Star Wars” franchise, is getting a sequel. Amazon MGM Studios has confirmed this much-anticipated development, with renowned actor Josh Gad and the original creator, Mel Brooks, stepping up to produce the sequel. And that’s not all – Josh Gad is also set to star in the soon-to-be comedy classic.

Let’s not forget that the last Mel Brooks remake was a disaster. “History of the World Part II,” which aired on Hulu was terrible.

Why was it so bad? Woke modern screenwriters aren’t funny and can’t tell jokes.

Mel Brooks has recently shared his strong views on the current state of comedy, criticizing excessive political correctness as a potential ‘Death Of Comedy’.

“Spaceballs”, released by MGM over a decade after George Lucas’s groundbreaking “Star Wars”, boasted a cast of then-rising stars such as John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, and Daphne Zuniga. The legendary Joan Rivers lent her voice to the iconic C-3PO parody character. While the film did not win universal acclaim from critics, it found a warm place in the hearts of moviegoers, pulling in a respectable $38.1 million at the box office – equivalent to $105 million in today’s dollars. Over the years, “Spaceballs” has garnered a loyal, cult-like following, solidifying its status as one of Mel Brooks’ standout films.

Earlier this month, Josh Gad sparked speculation and excitement with a cryptic social media post alluding to his involvement in a major project. A snippet of a script was attached to his post, the majority of its content blacked out, with Gad claiming it to be “the funniest and best thing” he’d ever worked on, and his collaboration with Samit and Hernandez “heaven on Earth and many other planets as well.”

The visible part of the script included the words “Ext. Star Field,” and upon closer inspection, it appeared to read, “based on characters created by Mel …” Naturally, fans were quick to speculate that the teased project was the long-awaited “Spaceballs” sequel.


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