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Young Thug’s Lawyer Motion Denied In Case

Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville is currently under scrutiny for allegations of favoritism and undermining the defense in a RICO case. This case involves rapper Young Thug and the Young Slime Life gang, with whom he is reportedly affiliated.

Judge Glanville is accused of favoring the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Brian Steel, the lawyer for Young Thug, filed a motion on Tuesday asserting that the judge was attempting to undermine the defense.

Steel, not one to merely voice complaints, is pushing for the removal of Judge Glanville from the case. Steel alleges that Glanville held a covert meeting with the prosecution, a key witness, and the witness’s attorney, excluding him from the proceedings.

In response, Judge Glanville held Steel in contempt of court for his persistent inquiries about the alleged secret meeting. The judge subsequently moved to have Steel jailed, a decision which is currently stayed as the state Supreme Court reviews an appeal.

Below is the moment:

Andrew Fleischman, a criminal defense lawyer, commented, “This would be an angry filing from anyone. From Steel, it’s nuclear.” Anthony Michael Kreis, an assistant professor of law at Georgia State University, added, “This is a motion you file from which there is no return. It’s blistering.” Legal analyst Tracy Pearson also opined that the situation is going to cause major disruption for the prosecution.

In reality there is no return. The judge allegedly held meetings with Willis’ team, a witness and excluded the defense.

In a sworn affidavit, Steel asserted the court had violated its sworn duty to neutrality and impartiality. The defense team also accused Judge Glanville and Willis’s office of trying to pressure witness Kenneth Copeland into testifying against the defendants, which if true, constitutes a serious case of witness intimidation.

Judge Glanville has largely remained silent on these accusations, only warning defense attorney Doug Weinstein to be “very careful” when questioned about the allegations surrounding the case.

On June 18, Judge Glanville denied the motion, claiming that the motions were insufficient.

There have been some calls locally for the Georgia Supreme Court to possibly step in and take county cases over because of the allegations and issues made in Trump’s RICO case and this one.

One last thing: remember when we were told by BLM that the criminal justice system is skewed and corrupt?

Where are those voices now?

This case is crazy, and you can click here for a very detailed update on the case. What happens in this case is going to be going on for years because there is so much insanity.

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