Biden Heads To Beach Before Camp David Stop

On June 18, Biden made an announcement regarding the status of some who entered the country illegally, declaring the “Keep Families Together” program.

It went swimmingly.

Then Biden headed off to meet with his buddies former President Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, and Hillary Clinton.

Now mind you, the debate is not until June 27th.

President Biden took an evening flight to the beach which will be followed by Biden going to Camp David where he will stay in the basement until the debate.

The question is…Are they working on debate prep or are they trying to figure out which drug cocktail will work the best.

(That’s called a joke fact checkers and libs since we know you have no sense of humor)

Folks just be ready for this as well.

As long as Biden speaks in complete sentences it’s going to be a win for him because the media is going to go crazy. You can already feel the set up…

Right now the media is in total collusion with the so called “cheap fake” videos which are really videos exposing how out of it Biden is.

Come Thursday night if Biden can just keep from losing track of his thoughts the media will go bonanza stating, “You see! You see!” ” He’s just fine!”

The fact that Biden needs an almost eight day break before the debate should be a big enough red flag. However, for Joe, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

If Biden flubs debate the damage could be a real problem for them.

Which is why they need seven days to put the cocktail together (joke).

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