Red States Sending NG Members To Texas

Georgia, Louisiana, and other red states are sending help to Texas amid the border crisis.

“To be clear, the crisis on the border is a national problem and it demands a national solution. But if the Biden administration continues to fail the American people, then we have no choice, no choice but to step in,” Kemp said during a briefing on February 13, 2024.

Some of the troops from Georgia will include those who are engineers, mechanics, and have general purpose skills. The objective is to construct a command post at the border.

“This is a public safety and humanitarian crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failure to act,” Kemp said. “The crisis is ruining lives, families, and whole communities overturn by the challenges it brings. Well, while Joe Biden may not be willing to act, we will.”

Governor Gianforte from Montana is also sending troops to help Texas.

Governor Landry of Louisiana is sending over 150 National Guard members to help Texas.

“What the president has done is basically dog whistle to those who are trying to come to the country illegally… if you just swim across the Rio Grande, we’ll let you in that way,” Landry said during a news conference.

Meanwhile, Congress has yet to sign a border bill and the Biden administration is more focused on the foreign aid funding bill the Senate recently passed.

On Febuary 14 a member of House leadership claimed the Biden administration needed to inform America of a “national security threat.”

The announcement was made as the House was preparing to reform the FISA system and battling with what to do about the foreign aid bill.

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