Melania Is Giving Trump Some Good Advice Says Report

There are several reports that former First Lady Melania Trump is advising her husband.

According to the reports,, she advises the former President, the front runner in the GOP primary, who to pick as a running mate.

Who has she picked? You won’t be disappointed.

Tucker Carlson.

“She thinks Carlson would make a powerful onstage extension of her husband, a source close to Trump told us,” Axios reported. “The former first lady has made few campaign appearances this time around — but a Trump-Carlson ticket might encourage her to hit the trail.”

The former President has openly discussed possible members to help fill his cabinet like Senator J.D Vance, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Rep. Byron Donalds.

The former President was asked about Truck last month and said that he like him a lot and has “great common sense.”

There’s also talk that policy director, and former Trump speech writer Stephen Miller could be the next attorney general. Carlson also told Axios that he would strongly endorse Miller as head of the Justice Department.

Currently Miller is running a nonprofit that is suing the Biden Administration over several constitutional issues.

Trump supporters seemed thrilled with Melania’s pick.

Meanwhile, liberals are throwing a hissy fit.

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