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Biden Went To New York For Meyers Interview

President Biden headed to New York for a softball interview with late-night host Seth Meyers.

He wasn’t exactly welcomed.

A group of left-wing protesters showed up upset over the President’s Israel policy.

Biden was asked about his age and claimed that former President Trump is as old as he is and that the former President doesn’t even remember his wife’s name.

However, below is a video of the quote Biden is referring too.

Trump was speaking to CPAC and praised his wife and then appeared to thank mercedes Schlapp who hosted the event.

For some reason, Biden bragged that he was in the “Tibetan mountains” with Xi.

It doesn’t matter who the candidate is. These late-night interviews are always softball, and Meyers asked Biden a general question about his 2024 agenda.

It would seem that Biden didn’t realize what year it is.

After the interview, the two went for ice cream and, well…just watch:

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