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Hamas Commander Admits To Using Clinic

Israel has released a video of a shocking confession from the head of a Gaza hospital, revealing that the medical facility was transformed into a strategic and operational hub for the terrorist group Hamas. Ahmad Kahlot, director of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabaliya, admitted to being a senior commander in Hamas and divulged how the group used the hospital to its advantage.

In the video released by Israeli security service Shin Bet on Tuesday, Kahlot can be seen dressed in an Israeli jail uniform and seated in front of the Israeli flag. He confesses to joining Hamas in 2010 and holding a rank equivalent to a brigadier general. But what is more alarming is his revelation that around 16 hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and clerks, were also Hamas members.

According to Kahlot, the hospital was turned into a military base where up to 100 Hamas terrorists were holed up for days before moving to a different location. They even had designated areas for interrogations, internal security, and special security. When asked why the top leaders of Hamas chose the hospital, Kahlot stated that they considered it a safe place where they would not be harmed.

In a startling disclosure, Kahlot also revealed that Hamas had once brought a kidnapped Israeli soldier to the hospital and used its private ambulance service to transport the bodies of hostages tied to its Oct. 7 massacre. He did not reveal the name of the soldier or what happened to him later.

However, despite being a high-ranking member of Hamas, Kahlot was critical of other leaders in the terror organization, calling them “cowards” for hiding while their comrades were left out in the open. He expressed his disappointment and said that the people were the ones who suffered the consequences of their actions.

The Israeli forces breached the Kamal Adwan Hospital on December 12, and over the next few days, they rounded up about 90 suspected Hamas terrorists and seized a significant amount of weapons, as seen in a viral video. The hospital is no longer functioning, according to a World Health Organization official, and all the patients have been evacuated.

Israel has long accused Hamas of using hospitals in Gaza as secret military bases, and Kahlot’s confession has further strengthened their claims. This shocking revelation has also raised concerns about the safety and neutrality of medical facilities in conflict zones. The video has sparked outrage and condemnation from the international community, with many calling for an investigation into Hamas’ use of hospitals for military purposes.

In light of these revelations, the world is left to wonder: how many other hospitals in Gaza and other conflict zones are being manipulated and exploited for the benefit of terrorist organizations? The safety and wellbeing of civilians and the sanctity of medical facilities must always be a top priority in any conflict.

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