Ellison Comments On Automaker Probe

In a revealing interview on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” with host Al Sharpton, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison shared his “insights” into his multifaceted approach to combat crime effectively.

You know how the right says it’s the person with the gun that’s responsible for gun violence, not the gun. Well, if you are a leftist, it’s not the thief responsible for breaking into cars. It’s the car’s fault.

Sharpton kicked off the discussion with a fascinating point, citing FBI data that indicates crime actually decreased in 2023. However, the public perception is starkly different, with many believing that crime rates are on the rise. Sharpton attributes this discrepancy to “messaging from the right,” a sentiment Ellison agreed with.

Ellison emphasized the need for protection but also pointed out that the solutions proposed by some right-wing factions could potentially lead us back to “the bad old days.”

Yes, the “bad old days” of enforcing the law. Of course, this is coming from a guy who proudly took a picture holding an extremely far-left handbook.

Ellison is his stance is blaming auto manufacturers in this ecosystem of crime. He argued that companies should ensure their cars are not so easily stolen, highlighting a need for responsibility across the board. “But we have to go upstream, and we got to make sure that the automobiles are not so easy to steal that they are a tempting, attractive nuisance for young people,” Ellison remarked, noting ongoing investigations into two major automakers whose vehicles have been deemed “dramatically too easy to steal.”

Ellison’s perspective extends beyond just the act of theft to a broader analysis of the “chain of criminality.” This includes a call to action for law enforcement to focus not only on those committing crimes on the streets but also on others involved in this chain, some of whom might be found in more affluent circles. “There are a lot of people involved in the chain of criminality, starting sometimes for people who are members of the country club, resulting in tragic circumstances for victims on the street,” he explained.


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