GOP Congressman Has Some Crazy Christmas Decorations At DC Office

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious.

Rep. Mike Collins, (R-GA) is taking Christmas decorations in the halls of the Longworth House Office to the next level.

Outside of his office Collins greets his guests with a life-size cardboard cutout of Hunter Biden, holding a sign that says, “Let it snow.”

“When we got our room assignment, we didn’t realize that we were signing up on the second floor, where there’s always the big Christmas decoration competition,” Collins told Fox News. “When we do something, we’re in it to win it.”

The Congressman from Georgia added that his staff “had their own little input into what we thought we ought to put there.”

There is also a Christmas tree decorated with tributes to the great state of Georgia as well as internet memes poking fun at President Biden.

For example, the gift underneath the tree has gifts addressed to alleged aliases used by Joe Biden, like “The Big Guy.” There is also a bag of coal addressed to Hamas in reference to the ongoing war in Israel.

Collins also took a shot at RINOs with a life-size cutout of Mariah Carey with the words, “All I want for Christmas are 12 appropriations bills.”

It appears that Collins has a very good sense of humor.

The Congressman from Georgia appears to be quite the character.

Collins did give Fox News a detailed tour of his Christmas decorations and you can watch the video below.

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