Ron Klain Talks About Economy During Interview

Democrats and the administration continue to claim that the economy is great.

When the latest jobs report came out Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu took a victory lap.

They are even bragging about gas prices which are so high that the Biden Administration is holding off filling the strategic oil reserve.

But too bad for Joe his former chief of staff appeared on MSNBC and addmitted prices are too high.

Of course before contradicting his former boss he made sure to keep the far left MSNBC audience happy before hitting them with reality.

“The President’s done a good job, he’s running on his record, and he also has an agenda to make the country a better place. And calling migrants who come to this country and work hard and pay taxes and do so many important jobs in our country, calling them animals is just disgraceful. So, I think the President thinks he’s going to confront Donald Trump on his disgraceful conduct, on his record, and also talk about what he’s done and what he wants to do. And the event today with Sen. Sanders (I-VT) was a good example. It also — it acknowledged the progress they’ve made on bringing down the cost of prescription drugs,” he said.

They he added, “Now, the President wants that to be true for everyone in our country and for people under 65 to have that same benefit, bring down the cost of their prescription drugs. That’s a real result that matters in people’s lives. Prices are too high. People need more money in their pockets.”

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