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President’s Day Social Media Post Deleted After Mistake

Normally, Presidents Day is a time to reflect on the found presidents and Lincoln. However, the Democrat Party wanted to send out a message celebrating President Biden and the other living former Democrat Presidents.

Using the Democrat’s official Twitter account, a message posted with the caption “Happy Presidents’ Day” was posted around 6:00 AM on February 19, 2024. It was a very nice post showing former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as well as current President Joe Biden. However, you may notice that there was another living former Democrat president missing…Jimmy Carter.

After the DNC realized they messed up they deleted the post.

They replaced it with this post:

The Naval Academy Athletic Association did not forget.

Jimmy Carter, 99, is the oldest living former President and entered hospice about a year ago and sadly his wife passed away in November of 2023.

In celebration of President’s Day we leave with three cool fact about George Washington:

The man was a spymaster. He spearheaded the creation of the Culper Spy Ring in 1778, which was a network of spies operating in New York and Connecticut. This group used sophisticated methods of secret communication, including invisible ink and coded messages, to inform Washington of British movements. Washington’s emphasis on gathering intelligence was crucial in turning the tide of the war, demonstrating his innovative approach to warfare.

Washington led a daring and surprise attack against the Hessian forces stationed in Trenton, New Jersey, after crossing the icy Delaware River. This victory was significant, along with the victory in Princeton, but because it dramatically boosted the morale of American forces and supporters of the American cause at a time when hope was fading and enlistments were due to expire. It was a daring move and if it didn’t work out who knows what would have happened.

After successfully leading the Continental Army to victory, Washington did something almost unheard of in history. In 1783, he resigned as commander-in-chief of the army and returned to his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia, renouncing any claim to power or control of the new nation. This act of relinquishing power back to the people and to the civilian government was hailed both domestically and internationally, solidifying his legacy as a leader committed to the principles of democracy and republicanism. Think about what Washington did in comparison to what Napoleon a couple of decades later.

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