Media Responds To Debate

It wasn’t that long before the presidential debate on CNN there was a Wall Street Journal article that had the White House fuming.

The journal highlighted that congressional Democrats were worried about Joe’s behavior behind closed doors.

That prompted the media to go on a campaign informing us that Biden is fine.

This was followed by the media protecting Joe from “cheap fake” videos that aren’t real.

Well…All of that has gone up in smoke.

Around the midway point of the debate, CNN’s Kasie Hunt indicated severe trouble within the Democratic Party. Hunt, known for her partisan leanings, reported grave concerns from her sources. This was telling, as Hunt typically wouldn’t air such anxieties unless the situation was dire. Her early warnings foreshadowed the media’s collective realization of Biden’s poor performance.

The post-debate analysis on CNN was a sight to behold. Experts appeared shell-shocked, as if a bomb had gone off. They had supported Biden leading up to the debate, from skewed debate rules to compliant moderators, and yet, despite these efforts, Biden’s performance was dismal. Erin Burnett even hinted that Biden may have known the questions beforehand, yet still, he faltered.

Over at MSNBC, the reactions were no better. Initially, there were feeble excuses: Biden had a cold, he was “overprepared,” the public expects a super-hero in the White House. Nicolle Wallace, typically one of Biden’s staunchest defenders, was now discussing the possibility of replacing him. Joy Reid mentioned that left-wing power brokers were in a panic, a sentiment she shared during the debate.

Folks, if Joy Reid was freaking out the DNC is freaking out.

It didn’t take long for Biden’s performance to undermine his chances of retaining office. But the broader impact was on the media itself. The debate exposed the media’s complicity in protecting Biden. Journalists who had dismissed concerns about Biden’s condition were now forced to confront the reality they had denied for so long. Even Chuck Todd admitted that what Republicans had been saying was now undeniable.

The media, which had long dismissed videos of Biden’s apparent decline as “fake,” was now confronted with a live, unedited display of his struggles. This 90-minute debate showcased what they had been trying to hide, and the journalists’ prevarications were laid bare.

The debate confirmed the conservative media’s portrayal of Biden. There were no manipulated clips, no out-of-context quotes – it was all there, live. The same journalists who had insisted that Biden was vibrant and sharp were now acknowledging his decline.

What’s more devastating is how it happened.

This didn’t occur on social media; this took place on live TV. The average American was tuning in to see, and it destroyed their credibility.

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