Biden Team Holds Zoom Call

The fallout and panic within Democrat and media circles are reaching a boiling point following last Thursday’s presidential debate. President Joe Biden’s performance has intensified longstanding concerns about his mental acuity and cognitive health, raising significant questions about his future on the ticket.

Following the debate, Biden campaign officials have been working frantically to reassure donors. Reports indicate that a recent call with around 40 donors was described as “tense,” with some donors even requesting refunds. The discussion shifted to the potential for Vice President Kamala Harris to replace Biden as the nominee, which is a bombshell development.

During this call, attendees expressed frustration, feeling they were being fed standard campaign talking points rather than receiving genuine responses. This frustration was echoed in a larger call held on Monday night with the National Finance Committee, where similar complaints arose. Donors felt their concerns were being brushed aside, particularly after what campaign co-chair Jen O’Malley Dillon had to say.

In a virtual meeting with about 500 donors, O’Malley Dillon referenced the president’s health report from earlier in the year, which declared him fit to serve. She remarked, “He’s probably in better health than most of us,” a statement that some participants found offensive and dismissive of the real concerns stemming from Biden’s debate performance.

A member of the National Finance Committee voiced disappointment over the top Biden official’s downplaying of these concerns. Instead of engaging directly, the campaign staff filtered questions through themselves, treating donors as if their input was less significant. This paternalistic approach was reminiscent of First Lady Jill Biden’s handling of her husband post-debate.

But how is this different from how Biden has ruled? The administration does what it wants while giving lip service. Look at the situation in Gaza, where the President tried to play both sides. On top of that the Biden team has yet to find a platform and everytime they start a push it fails.

The danger for democracy fell flat, then it was abortion, then it was…heck, I’ve lost count at this point.

The upcoming DNC in Chicago is poised to be highly charged, not only due to the anticipated presence of “peaceful protesters” but also because of the potential for public infighting. Such discord could severely damage the Biden campaign’s image, as Democrats will likely strive to project unity heading into a contentious fall campaign season.

At this point they are so desperate they are putting bronzer on him.

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