Biden Retreats To Camp David Following Debate & Rally

It’s reported that President Joe Biden will be participating in a family discussion at Camp David regarding his re-election campaign. This interesting development follows a nationally televised debate that left many Democrats questioning his prospects against former President Trump in the imminent election.

Surprisingly, there appear to be some House members who privately believe Biden should withdraw from the race. Nonetheless, these discussions are kept under wraps, and on the public front, House leaders remain steadfast.

The gathering at Camp David is not a formal meeting. Any campaign-related talks are anticipated to be casual. One of Biden’s closest advisers, Anita Dunn, said that it will be a family meeting to decide how the President will proceed.

Well, if how Joe got off the plane is a sign, it’s not good.

Watch Jill:

Recently, former CNN reporter Chris Cillizza posted a text message exchange with a Democratic political consultant, and it was staggering.

According to Cillizza the man is a political Democrat consultant who works outside of the DC bubble and agreed to let him publish the text as long as he strips out his name and where he lived “to avoid retribution” from Biden’s team.

I just don’t understand what in the hell is going on.

As a career Democratic operative who never lived in DC, I can’t underscore how different things are outside the bubble. People I talk with who aren’t political hacks and just happen to be Democrats or ‘never Trump’ types are mortified and scared after the debate.

My phone hasn’t stopped.

These aren’t people who are active on Twitter or dedicate their social media feeds to politics, they are just normal folk. They don’t understand why the Democratic Party is doing this.

They are horrified and perplexed and absolutely recognize they are being gaslighted (aka – look at how well he did at that rally in Raleigh!)

Like me, they have cared for elderly parents and understand how different every day can be. I lost my Dad in January and I recognize exactly where Biden is in the aging process. This is nuts!

I represent several elected Democrats here who are in tight districts who are despondent. We had the worst African American turnout in modern history in 2022 and I expect this one to be even worse (for a Presidential year).

Yet, when folks like me speak up, we are told by the DC types to “chill out” or “calm down.”

I think all those years of wearing their britches two sizes too small have finally affected the DC Dem consulting class’s blood flow to their brains.

I’m a delegate to the DNC in August. I know I’m pledged to him, but how the fuck can I vote for Biden? How can I do that to my country?

Obviously in a different way than the Republicans, but there is something very wrong with my party.

The problem centers around out of touch elitists whose only modern experiences with real people is being in the other side of that mirror in a focus group, or reading polls. They don’t get it. And, confusingly, don’t care.

Please tell me you are hearing some things that could be encouraging for those of us who never left the front lines!

Well, his concerns may be correct because watch Jill Biden guide Joe down the stairs getting off the plane so he doesn’t have another incident.



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