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Biden Announces New Plan For Aid

In a significant announcement made by President Joe Biden before his State of the Union address, he declared an “emergency” military mission that promised to reshape the delivery of humanitarian aid in Gaza. This initiative involves the construction of a new port on the coast of Gaza in the Mediterranean Sea. A venture that senior officials have described as a pivotal step towards ensuring the people of Gaza receive the food, water, medicine, and shelter they desperately need.

According to a senior White House official, this port will include a temporary pier, increasing the daily assistance capacity by hundreds of truckloads. The U.S. and partner countries will undertake the effort, a senior defense official said, and will take “a number of weeks to plan and execute.” We don’t know who the partner countries are, but officials said that the forces needed to complete the mission are in the area or will be soon.

Officials stated that the “operation will not require American troops to be on the ground.” A senior White House official later said that the US military can conduct the operation offshore.

Initial aid shipments will navigate through Cyprus, marking a strategic route designed to expedite relief efforts. However, the decision to pursue the construction of the Gaza port reflects a proactive stance, one that doesn’t hinge solely on negotiations with Israel.

The quest for a temporary ceasefire remains a priority, seen as the most effective means to facilitate aid delivery. Yet, with the approach of Ramadan, the urgency intensifies. Officials express concern over the potential exploitation of this period by extremists, underscoring the importance of securing a peaceful environment for worship and reflection.

As of October 7, the U.S. has contributed over $180 million in aid to Gaza, all the while sending resources to Israel to help military operations route out Hamas.

In recent developments, Israel has facilitated a third land crossing into Gaza, aiming to directly reach those in dire need, especially in the northern regions. This move, coupled with the U.S.’s third airdrop of nearly 113,000 meals, illustrates a multifaceted approach to addressing the crisis.


Israel has said that if hostages are not released by the start of Ramadan, they will invade Rafah.

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