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Biden Teams Has New Strategy

We are now on the third bold stragety announced by Biden campaign to go after former President Donald Trump.

The first strategy was in January when Biden traveled to Vally Forge, PA and condemned Trump supporters as “dangerous for democrcey.”

Even Democrats weren’t fans of Biden’s strategy and wanted a change.

Additionally, the internal polls must not have faired well because then the Biden campaigned decided they had a bold stragety…abortion rights.

From CNN on January 22, 2024:

The Biden campaign will hit the airwaves in battleground states with its first abortion-focused ad of the year, featuring stark, emotional testimony from a woman personally affected by a state abortion ban who lays the blame directly on former President Donald Trump.

It comes as the campaign is launching a full-court press this week to put abortion rights front and center in the 2024 race, including with events headlined by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The push marks the campaign’s first organized effort to emphasize the issue, seeking to further galvanize voters around reproductive rights in the first presidential election after the Supreme Court ended the federal constitutional right to an abortion.

They are calling it the “trigger Trump” approach.

I’m going to post an excerpt from Axios below and not what Joe’s campaign will NOT focus on.

From Axios:

Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy — areas in which polls suggest Americans aren’t giving Biden much credit — Biden would be making the contest as much about Trump as his own accomplishments.
One potential upside: It would help assuage concerns about Biden’s age by showing that at 81, he can still throw a Scranton punch.

Biden advisers have some evidence that Biden is already getting under Trump’s skin.

After Biden’s appearance with Seth Meyers, Trump quickly complained about the show on social media, calling the president a “basket case.”
Biden is using his campaign’s new TikTok account to take more jabs at his Republican rival. “Trump has no courage,” Biden said recently. “All Trump does is bow down to Putin.”


So can we call this what it is, Joe Biden is resorting to name calling because the campaign doesn’t have a platform to run on.

There may be a glimpse into how Biden’s doing right now. Below is a social media post from Krystal Ball, host from the news show Breaking Points. Ball is incredibly liberal and very pro-Palestinian. Biden had recently posted on social media about humanitarian aid and her response was telling.

“The United States is committed to pulling out every stop to get more aid to those in Gaza who desperately need it. We won’t stand by. We won’t let up,” Biden wrote.

Ball then posted a current news article showing the US is sending weapons to Israel in preparation for the invasion of Rafah rumored to take place when Ramadan starts around March 9th.

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