Report On Protestors Draws Debate

Things aren’t always as the seem and boy has that happened in this case.

Eliana Atienza, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, has found herself at the center of controversy following after claiming that she was a poor homeless student.

Eliana Atienza, an international student from the Philippines, was placed on mandatory leave by the university for her involvement in the encampment. She described this situation as “administrative violence,” claiming it left her homeless with no family in the United States to turn to. Eliana’s story was shared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she portrayed herself as a victim of the university’s disciplinary actions.

But there’s more to Eliana’s background her family in the Philippines are loaded. Her father, Kim Atienza, is a well-known television presenter in the Philippines. Known as “Kuya Kim,” he has hosted some of the country’s most popular morning and game shows. Eliana’s grandfather, Lito Atienza, is a prominent Filipino politician who served as the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and even ran for vice president alongside boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. Eliana’s mother is a Wharton School graduate and the founder of the Chinese International School Manila, a prestigious private institution.

Despite her elite background, Eliana presented herself as a homeless college student with no support. In various interviews and social media posts, she emphasized the hardships she faced after being forced to leave her campus dorm. She described the university’s actions as making her “houseless” and criticized Penn for what she called “administrative violence.”

Interestingly, just months before her mandatory leave, Eliana shared photos from a trip to Antarctica. This stark contrast between her portrayal as a victim and her privileged background has raised many eyebrows. Neither the University of Pennsylvania nor Eliana responded to requests for further comments on the situation.

Eliana is not only known for her anti-Israel activism. She is also a member of Fossil Free Penn, a student activist group that demands the university divest from fossil fuel companies. Following the Hamas attack on Israel in October, this group co-signed a statement expressing solidarity with Palestine and condemning Israel’s actions.

Earlier this month, Eliana was part of a group negotiating with Penn’s interim president, Larry Jameson, to end the encampment. However, she found the proposed concessions insufficient and criticized the lack of tangible action. Eventually, the university decided to clear the encampment with the help of the police, stating that the proposals made by the protesters were not feasible.

Adding another layer to this story, Eliana’s father recently visited the United States to attend her brother’s graduation from Tufts University. In a recent interview, he discussed how he and his wife were adjusting to life as empty nesters with all their children studying abroad. He mentioned Eliana’s activism, acknowledging her strong involvement in campus protests.


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