Tense Hearing Held In Trump Doc Case

Recently, a hearing was held in the Trump classified document case in Florida before Federal Judge Aileen Cannon. During the proceeding for one of the codefendants, things got a little dramatic.

According to investigative reporter Julie Kelly, who was at the courthouse, prosecutor David Harbach had several emotional outbursts.

“David Harbach, one of Smith’s lead prosecutors and usually a cool customer in court, had a series of mini temper tantrums this morning. At times pounding his fist on the podium and clapping his hands in anger to emphasize a point, Harbach was totally unprofessional, demeaning, and petulant,” she reported on social media.”

“Cannon asked Harbach to ‘calm down’ during one diatribe about accusations DOJ threatened one of the defense attorneys to get his client to flip on Donald Trump. He kept trying to argue with her–Cannon also remains measured most of the time and is no fan of antics–and when she asked him a question about an issue, he shot back ‘that’s not the right question,’ she added stating a few reporters in the media room even gasped.

Later ABC News and Politico both confirmed the outburst.

During one exchange, Cannon was asking Harbach about his disagreements with one of Trump’s co-defendants, Stanley Woodward’s arguments.

They reported:

When U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon repeated certain quotes that Woodward claimed the prosecutors allegedly made during that August 2022 meeting, and pressed the prosecution on why those comments had to be made and whether those comments were professional, Harbach, after consulting his colleagues, did not dispute the comments but claimed they were “fragmented” and “out of context.”

At one point, Judge Cannon asked for Harbach to “just calm down” when he became emotional while answering her questions about whether there had been any effort to preserve evidence related to the meeting in question.

“That is not true!” Harbach said after Cannon suggested the government hadn’t made an any efforts to preserve evidence. “That is not what I said … the government has not done anything to destroy or obstruct evidence.”

Cannon, meanwhile, did not appear highly satisfied with Woodward’s argument, asking him multiple times if he could point to any evidence that suggests the alleged comments made to him in that meeting relate in any way to his client being unfairly prosecuted.

Cannon seems to have her hands full.

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