House Hearing Gets Intense – VIDEO

There’s a saying in courtrooms and official proceedings, never ask a question you don’t know the answer too.

Apparently, nobody told Rep. Alexandria Ocascio Cortez, and she walked right into a hornet’s nets.


A former Hunter Biden associate, Tony Bobulinski, testified before the House, and Democrats were firing howitzers; however, most of them were duds.

Rep. Dan Goldman (D) immediately called Bobulinski a liar, which sparked fireworks.

Rep. Jamie Raskin was furious that Bobulinski called him a liar and chaos ensued.

Then there was AOC, who was trying to pull off this whole TV lawyer thing. She asked Bobulinski to specifically name a crime he felt Biden committed. Bobulinski, in his opinion, accused Biden of committing RICO crimes, and she about lost her mind. During all the cross-talk and squabbling back and forth, AOC said that “RICO is not a crime.”

She clearly wasn’t ready for his answer, but Bobulinski was, and boy, did things turn into chaos.

Even before the hearings even started the antics were already going on.

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